Mission: Youth Media Project teaches and practices the craft of digital storytelling for a socially responsible world.

We achieve our mission by furthering participatory democracy, academic skill development and active learning. By partnering with educators we provide students training in media literacy, technology, production and public broadcasting. By amplifying youth voice and nurturing inter-generational dialogue, students practice citizenry and leadership to create positive and caring communities.

Youth Media Project contracts with public schools, colleges, youth advocacy groups, and those seeking professional development in media literacy, media production, leadership and broadcasting.  We offer scheduled instruction and curricula development at our partner program sites. We are interested in establishing on-going contractual relationships with educational partners regionally and internationally.

Services include:

Team teaching and developing curricula with educators.
Youth Media Project staff work in conjunction with educators in a variety of settings, including: public and charter high schools, private and public colleges, advocacy programs, performance groups and non-profit programs for youth engagement. We have designed and facilitated semester and year-long programs, as well as unit-based curricula, involving 4 – 6 weeks of instruction.

Production of radio shows, podcasts and blogs.
Student work from all of the YMP programs and partnerships is released via Audio Revolution!, a bi-weekly, hour-long radio and web broadcast. Our website, in addition to housing episodes of Audio Revolution!, is a place for students to post video, written reflections, photographs, and anything else that they consider part of their work as media producers with Youth Media Project.

Extra-curricular programs – after-school and summer intensives.
In addition to working in conjunction with teachers to bring our media production education into schools and non-profit organizations, YMP runs an after-school program during the academic school year. The Audio Revolution! production team learn scripting, hosting skills, field recording, editing and record radio shows in the KSFR studio on the campus of Santa Fe Community College. YMP also holds an annual summer intensive to introduce students to the practice of digital media production.

Distribute youth-produced media.
As well as airing on radio stations in Northern New Mexico and appearing on Youth Media Project’s website, youth-produced media is distributed to other public radio stations and websites through Public Radio Exchange. YMP continues actively experimenting with creative ways to get our participants’ work seen and heard, including presentations in the schools and “listening parties” where young people can gather to listen to shows broadcast live.

Offer workshops and trainings.
Youth Media Project offers students and educators the opportunity to participate in local, state, and national workshops focusing on youth leadership and the application of digital media for social change. Students and educators learn the basics of producing radio shows including team building, brainstorming ideas, genres of radio media, use of recording equipment, interviewing techniques, writing and oral delivery exercises, hosting and leading panel discussions and critiquing media.

Provide Educational Materials.
Youth Media Project provides educators standards-based curricula for teaching youth about digital media including media literacy, writing and oral delivery skills, listening and critiquing, researching and interviewing; ultimately leading to the creation of content for radio productions. Team-teaching with partner-educators offers classroom teachers additional needed support and guidance for delivering content.