A Small World

Thursday night was the opening ceremony. The jetlag had set in and I could barely keep my eyes open. On Friday morning Carmen and I experienced something that made the world feel very small (in a good way). We went to breakfast at a little cafe near the hostel where we are staying. It was good food but coffee in this town is crazy expensive, 3 dollars for a cup of plain black coffee. We sat down near a couple also attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions, spotting their giant, 400-page programs (that Carmen calls the Bible). We started up a conversation with the them, and when we said we were from Santa Fe, NM, I was surprised when they knew where it was, even though they were from Chicago not many Americans know where New Mexico is. The woman asked if we had been on NPR after we had described the Youth Media Project, and Carmen said yes, that her piece about being a Mexican in the United States had been played. She told us that she actually remembered that she had heard Carmen’s piece on NPR a few years back! As they left the restaurant, the woman said to Carmen, “I feel like I should ask you for your autograph.” Carmen just laughed. Here we are, all the way in Australia, meeting someone from the US who had heard a piece we’d produced.

— Dolna

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