PRX says YMP is “Mostiest”

prx-best-of-2011YMP is proud to say that we made the cut again this year and a YMP-produced project was recognized by PRX on their “Best Youth-Made Radio of 2011” list.

Ellie Evans, a student from the New Mexico School For The Arts, created a piece that asks the question: What if? What if the world were different? This imaginative and poetic piece challenges our current understanding of the world around us. Her simple yet beautiful questions pull the rug out from underneath listeners- what if old is young… or what if we all understood basic human rights? Listen and let Ellie guide you through an imaginative world that could be better.

Listen to What If
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If that’s not enough, we have also been honored in the PRX “Zeitfunk” awards, their annual list of the “mostiest” PRX members and pieces. “What is American?” was honored as the third most licensed youth-produced piece.

In “What is American?”, Gabriel Rima and Savannah Chapman-Martinez take you into the depths of identity: What does it mean to be American? Who gets to be American and who doesn’t? What are the freedoms and privileges American’s have? Do all American’s have those freedoms? And what does it mean to be both American and another ethnicity and/or culture? These are some of the questions that get explored in this intense and immense Audio Revolution!

Listen to What is American?
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