Static Between Worlds

Acoma_mediumChastity Salvador is torn between two worlds when she catches herself watching television on Acoma Mesa, a spiritual place with no electricity. She discusses this double-edged sword with her friends,and explores how technology and new media will factor into Native lives: by either destroying a past or preserving a future.

One thought on “Static Between Worlds

  1. I have mixed feelings about technology. On one hand, I agree with the narrator because I do feel like technology disconnects us from enjoying nature. For instance, the narrator’s story at the beginning with her family trip to acoma pueblo. This is a story a lot of people can connect with because many of us have had road trips. Rather than enjoying the view outside, we’re usually too busy paying attention to tumbler, or Instagram, some form of social media, rather than communicating with each other or enjoying the view. However, another part of me doesn’t really mind technology. The narrator mentioned that technology prevents us from connecting with our inner spirituality. I disagree with that. Everyone is different. Some people need music to connect with their inner selves while others don’t. So it all depends on the person you are; there’s nothing wrong with using technology to connect with yourself. For example, one of the narrator’s friends uses technology to connect with her inner spirituality so she can write poetry. Another person in the audio mentioned the fact that we could utilize technology to teach younger generations about their culture. It’s true that because of technology, younger generations and older ones communicate, intemperate things, and learn in different ways. Technology is already taking over our lives, which is scary. We can fight to change the way it’s taking over our lives or we can find ways to utilize it so we can have a better understanding of the world. To sum up what I’m trying to say: if you don’t like something change it, but if you can’t change it, then deal with it and find a way to make it benefit you. It seems like a negative way of thinking, but that’s the reality we live in today.

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