What’s Going On . . . Now Radio Show

Youth Media Project is honored to have been invited to be a part of a national exploration of youth responding to Marvin Gaye’s famous album What’s Going On. While looking into themes such as war and poverty, our youth will be answering the pivotal question: what’s going on now?

Hosted by none other than the marvelous Yesenia Diaz and Fernando Palacios of Capital High School, this first segment explores issues of immigration, gay rights, family, domestic violence and 2012 consciousness.

This second segment explores issues of environmental justice, the 2012 Presidential campaigns, education, poverty and addiction.

Chance, Choice, or Stumbling onto a Calling

When a decision must be made, what do you draw upon to guide your next move? Might you be directed by happenstance or a notion that an imagined future, strung together with a blueprint of actions, points the way? Enter the conversation about chance and choice with novelist Lisa Gray Fisher, Alicia Dondo, and Santa Fe’s own Martha and Grant Franks.