Facing Poverty Pt. 2

Photo by HowardLake, FlickrAs the second installment of Youth Media Project’s Facing Poverty Series, students explored international experiences of poverty alongside local experiences of poverty. Segments range from students at United World College to students at YouthWorks! about diverse topics such as drug addiction and poverty, differences between growing up poor in New and Old Mexico and much more. Hosts Max Kalyani and Sayra Olivares help listeners understand the complexities of each intense and profound personal story. Take a listen!


Taking his inspiration from Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s Going On,” Ryan Lawless, SFCC student, explores family dynamics in the 21st century while recounting stories and sounds from Marvin Gaye. This personal narrative will take you on a journey through what it means to be ‘family’ today (including all the ups and downs!) This radio narrative was performed live at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC as part of Youth Media Project’s participation in the nation What’s Going On Now program. To watch Ryan perform, click here, and go to 35:35.

Or, listen Here: