Jimmy’s Story

High school isn’t easy. Jimmy’s high school experience was especially difficult. Now a student at the United World College in Montezuma, NM, Jimmy went through years of being bullied. Jimmy’s story was part of a radio show put on by YMP and the Santa Fe High School’s Student Wellness Action Team that was created to illuminate the dangers of bullying to help reduce the terrible trend. Please lend your ears to this intensely raw story that details the horror of being bullied to put a stop to the violence.

My Daily Life

Yazan Deek, from the West Bank village Kafar Al-Deek, describes his childhood as a realization that his people were under attack, and the violent images he saw on television were not imaginary. Coming to an international school in the United States, he realizes that his fearful existence was not right or normal.

You Never Know Who You’re Gonna Meet

o Garcia reveals his experience in the juvenile justice system and the unexpected friendship that resulted from his incarceration. After being sentenced to do jail time on a drug charge as a young man, Leo is shocked when he connects deeply with a fellow prisoner whose crime was far worse than his.

Selfless By Nature

Ashly Ramirez participated in Youth Media Project’s 2009 Summer Intensive to create this piece, her first, which portrays a young woman’s struggle through childhood and adolescence.  Themes of abuse, domestic violence, neglect, mental illness and institutionalization are depicted in poetic and lyrical detail.  This piece has been used in advocacy groups to dialogue about suicide and domestic violence.