Audio Revolution: Between Two Worlds

by Camordino Mustafá Jethá (São Damanso, Maputo, Mozambique) Photo by Laura Marcus Green, courtesy of the Museum of International Folk Art
Refugiados (Refugees), 2013 by Camordino Mustafá Jethá
(São Damanso, Maputo, Mozambique)
Photo by Laura Marcus Green, courtesy of the Museum of International Folk Art

In the new Audio Revolution: Between Two Worlds, students from the alternative education and positive youth development program ¡YouthWorks! share their perspective on immigration through interviews with folk artists and their art from an exhibit called “Between Two Worlds” in the Gallery Of Conscience at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Mental Illness

Audio Revolution! investigates the world of the mind. Hosts Savannah Chapman of Capital High and Max Kalyani of the Academy of Technology and the Classics guide listeners through this very heavy show. From a history of therapy, to who decides sanity, to drugs and the mind to coming of age stories of people dealing with mental illnesses, this show will both reach your heart and mind.

Back Roads Radio- What is American?

You’ll hear the creative and inspiring voices of young thinkers and writers. This show features the collaborative work of Youth Media Project within northern New Mexico schools and colleges, where we teach the craft of digital storytelling and the art of listening for a socially responsible world. Students tackle the complex question, “What is American?” through audio cascades, commentaries, a fable, and a spoken word performance.

Materialism Youtube’d

It’s not easy to come up with a clear cut idea or definition of Materialism.  So, Miles Tokunow youtube-d it. This is an audio Collage about “Materialism” constructed of the first 200 responses when searching ‘materialism’ in youtube.

Time Travelers

Audio Revolution! Global Leadership ForumGlobal Leadership Forum brought together 30 youth leaders from 15 countries “to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” Part of the GLF training ( involved 6 international teams learning how to create broadcast-quality digital media. Here is the work of one team from Argentina, China, Japan, Tanzania, and the United States. The piece is entitled Time Travelers.

Click here to view the slideshow for “Time Travelers”.

War and Conflict: The Gaza Strip

The Audio Revolution! production team and students at the United World College in Las Vegas, NM teamed up to create this comprehensive show about the conflict occurring right now in the Gaza strip.  Hosts Gabriel Rima of Monte Del Sol Charter School and Savannah Chapman, a sophomore at Capital High School, guide listeners through personal narratives, interviews and an in-depth look at a performance.

What is American?

In this edition of Audio Revolution! hosts Gabriel Rima and Savannah Chapman-Martinez take you into the depths of identity: What does it mean to be American? Who gets to be American and who doesn’t? What are the freedoms and privileges American’s have? And, do all American’s have those freedoms? And what does it mean to be both American and another ethnicity and/or culture?

Family Tree

“Family Tree” is a short piece written and produced by Andres Ortiz. He is a junior at Pojoaque Valley High School and created “Family Tree” during Youth Media Project’s Summer Intensive at the Santa Fe Art Institute. His piece is a journey into Ortiz’s unknown family history.   Growing up being told by all that his family is Hispanic, Andres finds out how important and fulfilling it is to know the complexities of our family backgrounds and histories.