YMP Producers discuss the topic of language.
YMP Producers discuss the topic of language.

In this edition of Youth Media Project’s Audio Revolution!, we dissect the complex topic of Language.  From personal narratives about dying languages to the follies of learning a new one, Youth Media Project producers dig deep to create this compelling show on Language.  Christine Trudeau and Dwayne Joe present pieces about the struggle to sustain the native languages of both Dine’ and Potawatomi.  We will hear the humorous stumblings of Clay Baldo, as he describes the potential dangers of learning the Chinese language.  Kaja Swenson tells us what it takes to learn a new language like Japanese.  Shannon Latham presents The Language of Music, which explores how musicians use music like an author uses words. Chuco Aguilar shares his completely original song called Languagez, revealing his unique perspective on language.  Stephanie Jock delves into her community of IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts) and the Acoma Pueblo to learn about the connection between language and identity.  Hosted by the hilarious duo of Charles-Austin Ross and Tati Norbeck, this edition of Audio Revolution is jam-packed with Language.

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Static Between Worlds

Acoma_mediumChastity Salvador is torn between two worlds when she catches herself watching television on Acoma Mesa, a spiritual place with no electricity. She discusses this double-edged sword with her friends,and explores how technology and new media will factor into Native lives: by either destroying a past or preserving a future.

Back Roads Radio- What is American?

You’ll hear the creative and inspiring voices of young thinkers and writers. This show features the collaborative work of Youth Media Project within northern New Mexico schools and colleges, where we teach the craft of digital storytelling and the art of listening for a socially responsible world. Students tackle the complex question, “What is American?” through audio cascades, commentaries, a fable, and a spoken word performance.

What is American?

In this edition of Audio Revolution! hosts Gabriel Rima and Savannah Chapman-Martinez take you into the depths of identity: What does it mean to be American? Who gets to be American and who doesn’t? What are the freedoms and privileges American’s have? And, do all American’s have those freedoms? And what does it mean to be both American and another ethnicity and/or culture?

Enjoy, Believe, Dream

From The Santa Fe Indian School, Kayleen Duran created this piece about why she thinks it’s important to enjoy, believe and dream.  Her short piece is part poem, part rap, and part manifesto about how she chooses to live her life.  From the hip-hop inspired activities she does to enjoy herself, to the dreams of becoming a rapper/producer,  Kayleen’s audio-manifesto is meant to uplift and inspire her fellow native peoples.

SFIS Spoken Word Team International Journey

Audio Revolution hosts Shawnelle Chavez and Gabe Rima welcome the Santa Fe Indian School’s Spoken Word team into the studio at KSFR, just back from their international trip sharing songs and poems in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Spoken Word Team guests Ariel Antone, Santana Shorty, Clara Natonabah, and Nolan Eskeets talk about their experiences and perform their work.