AR Showcase in GenNext

The Santa Fe New Mexican GenNext’s Tori Velarde speaks with YMP’s Miles Tokunow and Monique Lacoste about the Audio Revolution! Showcase. The event was held at Santa Fe Complex on March 18, 2011 and featured live music, theater, dance, spoken word, hip-hop, commentary, video and more. Many of the performances came from YMP’s educational partners, who are regularly featured on Audio Revolution! Radio broadcasts.

Beyond Radio

Alex Wirth, a writer from Santa Fe New Mexican’s Generation Next previews YMP’s new partnerships and 2010 summer intensive:

“The Youth Media Project also is starting a partnership with Generation Next to bring local youth stories published in The New Mexican’s teen section to the radio.

‘We are just trying to give youth a voice — that’s the goal, and in order to do that we expanded our horizons by taking partnerships with organizations like Generation Next,’ Torres said.”

Youth Broadcast Own Stories

Rio Grande SUN staff writer Lou Mattei dropped in on Youth Media Project’s recent summer workshop with students in the ENLACE program in Pojoaque and Española:

“Students discussed the two stories from several angles, including structure, emotional impact and the use of sound effects. Then they started brainstorming for their own story topics centered on the theme of freedom — or the absence of it.”

A Voice for Youths

On Youth Media Project’s radio show, young commentators shed light on teen topics.

Lucy Ohlsen, a writer with The New Mexican’s Generation Next profiles Youth Media Project’s work producing our Audio Revolution! shows.

“These two youngsters represent the essence of the Youth Media Project. The project is a celebration of one of the lesser-heard voices in today’s world: youths. Their mission is ‘to teach the craft of digital storytelling for a socially responsible world.'”

Youth Media Project is Selected . . .

. . . to produce radio stories for the International Conference of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia.

After 5 years working in Northern New Mexican schools teaching digital literacy, the Youth Media Project has climbed into the forefront internationally. A team of 3 YMP youth from area schools was selected to be the first youth media group to ever cover events at the 8,000-person global conference.