Gay Rights and Religion

Chloe Espinosa, a student at a Catholic school in Santa Fe, NM, explores the issue of gay rights in the context of religion. She interviews a local pastor and her aunt, who is gay. With humor and conviction, Chloe looks at how you can be both a supporter of gay rights and maintain your religious beliefs.

The Politics of “Interfaith”

Eliot Fisher was a member of Youth Media Project’s Global Broadcasting Team in Melbourne, Australia, for the Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009 conference. After agreeing to help the conference organizers shoot a video message to leaders meeting in Copenhagen the following week, he realized that the politics around the idea of an interfaith gathering are far more complicated than he had thought.

Call To Copenhagen

Eliot Fisher, of Youth Media Project’s Global Production Team, travels to Melbourne, Australia to attend The Parliament of World’s Religions. This radio story represents the voices of global religious leaders, who offer up their perspectives about the environment; made for the ears of the world’s political leaders attending the Copenhagen Climate Change talks.

Our Call to Copenhagen

As John mentioned in the previous post, I ended up helping the Parliament’s Jenny Douglas realize a video project that materialized during the conference itself: an official message from the conference attendees (representatives of the world’s religions) to the leaders discussing climate change in Copenhagen. It was an interesting challenge to complete it on such a short timeframe (we basically just had part of one day, before we were getting on the plane back to the US).