Palestinian Hoop Dreams

“Palestinian Hoop Dreams” is a thoughtful story by Ahmed Hameid, a Palestinian student at United World College.  Ahmed describes his time playing basketball that culminated in an important youth championship for the community. With all the excitement around the event, Ahmed and his teammates were devastated to know that the championship had been canceled due to an attack in the Gaza strip earlier that day.

“What is American” Seeds of Sound

To Gabe Rima, a Monte Del Sol Senior, being American cannot be easily defined. With the majority of the American population being a multitude of cultures and identities, he has found that the one thing that makes people America is their relative social privilege. But don’t let that idea get you down, his ultimate message is inspiring and empowering.

Enjoy, Believe, Dream

From The Santa Fe Indian School, Kayleen Duran created this piece about why she thinks it’s important to enjoy, believe and dream.  Her short piece is part poem, part rap, and part manifesto about how she chooses to live her life.  From the hip-hop inspired activities she does to enjoy herself, to the dreams of becoming a rapper/producer,  Kayleen’s audio-manifesto is meant to uplift and inspire her fellow native peoples.

Mi Vida

Edith Juarez of Santa Fe High School created this piece, entitled “Mi Vida” (My Life), during the 2010 Youth Media   Project Summer Intensive.  Written and performed all in Spanish, this piece shares the dreams and future life of a  girl who hasn’t had the easiest time growing up.  Edith speaks of the hardships that she has overcome in life and how she will succeed in her dreams of being an important leader in her community.