Halloween Seeds of Sound

Do you know why you celebrate Halloween?

In this special Halloween Seeds of Sound, Gabriel Rima asks listeners to question this tradition and celebration.  He reminds us to remember why we celebrate.  Gabriel asks us to make sure that when we celebrate traditions, to do it with intention and understand the belief systems we support and uphold simply by celebrating.

Halloween Conortary

As Conor Cole states in his special Halloween Conortary, ” Halloween, the only time of the year when it’s okay to take candy from strangers…” A student at the Masters Program, Conor makes sure listeners know exactly what Halloween is about nowadays- trick-or-treating AKA candy.  This masterful guide to the best and most efficient ways to trick-or-treat will have listeners ready to take on all those candy bowls!

Halloween Show

Audio Revolution! takes on the immensely popular fall celebration: HALLOWEEN.  Hosts Arlyn Torres and Savannah Chapman-Martinez of Capital High School guide you through a scary, spooky and informative edition of Audio Revolution! This show features a history of Halloween, a special telling of the local legend, La Llorona by Savannah Chapman-Martinez, a Conortary by Conor Cole about the absolute best methods to trick or treat.