Audio Revolution Showcase 2014: Breaking Bad New Mexico Stereotypes

ARshowcase2014LOGOYouth Media Project presents Audio Revolution Showcase 2014 on the topic of identity; we call the show Breaking Bad New Mexico Stereotypes.  On the night of April 17th, 2014, our youth producers presented this radio broadcast as a live performance in front of a live audience at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a part of YxYf (Youth By Youth Fest) of Santa Fe.  Highlights of this Audio Revolution show include an interview with the Mayor of Santa Fe, Javier Gonzales, about his vision for the youth of Santa Fe, a radio drama produced by Youth Media Project’s High School Production Team and personal stories told by students of United World College (UWC).  Also, look forward to musical performances by original youth artists Chuco and the Duo Brothers.  Hosted by the hilarious and entertaining Clay Baldo and Charles Austin Ross.  Join the audience and listen in to Audio Revolution Showcase 2014: Breaking Bad New Mexico Stereotypes.

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YMP Producers discuss the topic of language.
YMP Producers discuss the topic of language.

In this edition of Youth Media Project’s Audio Revolution!, we dissect the complex topic of Language.  From personal narratives about dying languages to the follies of learning a new one, Youth Media Project producers dig deep to create this compelling show on Language.  Christine Trudeau and Dwayne Joe present pieces about the struggle to sustain the native languages of both Dine’ and Potawatomi.  We will hear the humorous stumblings of Clay Baldo, as he describes the potential dangers of learning the Chinese language.  Kaja Swenson tells us what it takes to learn a new language like Japanese.  Shannon Latham presents The Language of Music, which explores how musicians use music like an author uses words. Chuco Aguilar shares his completely original song called Languagez, revealing his unique perspective on language.  Stephanie Jock delves into her community of IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts) and the Acoma Pueblo to learn about the connection between language and identity.  Hosted by the hilarious duo of Charles-Austin Ross and Tati Norbeck, this edition of Audio Revolution is jam-packed with Language.

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Facing Poverty Pt. 2

Photo by HowardLake, FlickrAs the second installment of Youth Media Project’s Facing Poverty Series, students explored international experiences of poverty alongside local experiences of poverty. Segments range from students at United World College to students at YouthWorks! about diverse topics such as drug addiction and poverty, differences between growing up poor in New and Old Mexico and much more. Hosts Max Kalyani and Sayra Olivares help listeners understand the complexities of each intense and profound personal story. Take a listen!

Facing Poverty Pt. 1

Photo of Milagro, YouthWorksIn the first installment of our special Facing Poverty Series, Youth Media Project focused on the expectations and stereotypes society, our families, our teachers and other institutions place on youth who have dropped out of school or been incarcerated. Working exclusively with a local non-profit, YouthWorks!, YMP created this heartfelt and intense show that details the lives of many students now on the path towards gaining their GEDs after overcoming many many hardships. Please lend your ears to these often overlooked and unheard stories.

Fashion and Beauty

In this edition of Audio Revolution!  students explore the  complex issue of beauty in today’s society. Hosts Robby Fox, a senior at the New Mexico School for the Arts, and Ryan Lawless, a student at Santa Fe Community College, guide listeners through the ever growing and changing world of beauty and Fashion. From poems of personal inspirations to manifestos against men objectifying women to an expose on what makes up make-up to an audio cascade about fashion and class, this show is jam packed with interesting perspectives about the omnipresent issue of fashion, beauty and image! Cheers!

Jimmy’s Story

High school isn’t easy. Jimmy’s high school experience was especially difficult. Now a student at the United World College in Montezuma, NM, Jimmy went through years of being bullied. Jimmy’s story was part of a radio show put on by YMP and the Santa Fe High School’s Student Wellness Action Team that was created to illuminate the dangers of bullying to help reduce the terrible trend. Please lend your ears to this intensely raw story that details the horror of being bullied to put a stop to the violence.

Facebook Cyberbullying Radio Drama

As part of an Audio Revolution! show about bullying created by Santa Fe High School’s Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT), this radio drama is meant to illuminate the dangers of cyberbullying. Created by a group of students from the Academy of Technology and the Classics, the radio drama focuses on the abusive language is commonly part of bullying over the internet. Because of its extreme popularity, Facebook is a main site for cyberbullying and is the site of interaction in this very informative, creative and palpable expose on the dangers of this new form of bullying.

Gay Rights and Religion

Chloe Espinosa, a student at a Catholic school in Santa Fe, NM, explores the issue of gay rights in the context of religion. She interviews a local pastor and her aunt, who is gay. With humor and conviction, Chloe looks at how you can be both a supporter of gay rights and maintain your religious beliefs.