Stand My Ground II

DownloadedFilered_mediumTara and red chili go way back. She began cooking this New Mexican standard dish because her husband loved it. Alongside her recipe for the best chili he ever tasted comes a recollection of sickness, heartache, and loss. In her grief, Tara loses her passion for cooking, but realizes she must stand her ground by taking back what meant the most to her.

What is Love?

“My piece is about what kind of love there is and what love is, what mistakes I’ve done and how love is hard. It’s me expressing my feeling about what love is and how it hurts. I also wrote a rap”

Edith Juarez, a sophomore at Santa Fe High School, created the piece that she describes above in YMP’s 4th Annual Summer Intensive at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  She dives into the multiple ways people love by beautifully interweaving interviews of people on the Railrunner as well as in Old Town Albuquerque throughout her narrative and speculations on what it means to love. Also, she raps.

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What If

In this piece, Ellie Evans, a student from the New Mexico School For The Arts, asks the question: What if?  What if the world were different?  This imaginative and poetic piece challenges our current understanding of the world around us. Her simple yet beautiful questions pull the rug out from underneath listeners- what if old is young… or what if we all understood basic human rights?

Selfless By Nature

Ashly Ramirez participated in Youth Media Project’s 2009 Summer Intensive to create this piece, her first, which portrays a young woman’s struggle through childhood and adolescence.  Themes of abuse, domestic violence, neglect, mental illness and institutionalization are depicted in poetic and lyrical detail.  This piece has been used in advocacy groups to dialogue about suicide and domestic violence.