Materialism Youtube’d

It’s not easy to come up with a clear cut idea or definition of Materialism.  So, Miles Tokunow youtube-d it. This is an audio Collage about “Materialism” constructed of the first 200 responses when searching ‘materialism’ in youtube.


With such a grand topic, hosts Adrian Andre of Santa Fe Community College and Conor Cole of the MASTERS program guide listeners into the multiplicity that is Materialism. Hear poems about the material world to an interview with a man who lost it all to a commentary about the emotional and social value of material goods and more.

Ethan’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Has that ever happened to you when your missing something from your outfit and it feels like all has gone wrong?

Ethan Parrot of Monte Del Sol has. Ethan’s audio montage that encapsulate the feeling of losing an article of clothing was created during Youth Media Project’s Summer Intensive in 2009.