Back Roads Radio- What is American?

You’ll hear the creative and inspiring voices of young thinkers and writers. This show features the collaborative work of Youth Media Project within northern New Mexico schools and colleges, where we teach the craft of digital storytelling and the art of listening for a socially responsible world. Students tackle the complex question, “What is American?” through audio cascades, commentaries, a fable, and a spoken word performance.

The Paranormal

Audio Revolution! dives into the world of the unknown- from ghosts and aliens to family legends… this show will surely leave you with more questions than answers. Hosts Max Kalyani of ATC and Briana Thomas of SFCC help guide you through this world of wonder and mystery! Prepare to be spooked out as well as question some ideas you might have about what constitutes as real and not… Feast your ears on this especially paranormal show!

Religion and Belief

Audio Revolution! Religion Belief SpiritualityAdriana Torres, a recent graduate of Monte Del Sol, and Max Kalyani of the Academy of Technology and the Classics (ATC), host this wonderfully inquisitive, funny and partially controversial show on Religion, Belief and Spirituality. Rites of Passage, New Ageism, Morality, and Science are not spared in this educational journey! Enjoy these youth voices from Santa Fe discuss and share their stories about Religion!


Audio Revolution!, Globalization Whoa! This is a picture of blank CDs made in Mexico and packed in China was taken by a graduate student in Hong Kong and downloaded in Santa Fe, NM via the internet…

Audio Revolution! TAKES ON, or rather, shares our opinions on and experiences with Globalization. Hosts Savannah Chapman of Capital High School and Gabriel Rima of Monte Del Sol Charter School lead listeners through this intensely dense and multifaceted theme. Stories of transnationality,  English language dominance, Myspace, an audio collage about environmental classism and a panel discussion on the economics of a globalized economy are packed into this broadcast! Sit back, get a cup of tea, and hear our diverse thoughts on Globalization.

Dream On

“Dream On” was written, produced and created by Javier Sernas in Youth Media Project’s 4th annual Summer Intensive. Working with YMP as well as Perish1 and Lisa Donahue of the Santa Fe Art Institute, Javier decided to focus his aural creation on dreams. In Javier’s words: “My piece is about dreams- as in the kinds of dreams you have when you sleep.” Enjoy!

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Body Modification and Style

In this episode, youth in and around Santa Fe discuss the world of body modification. From tattoos having symbolic meaning to them being a part of a cultural identity, the show will give listeners a diverse range of perspectives on this important topic. Enjoy!

Body Modification Seeds of Sound

In this special “Seeds of Sound,” Gabriel Rima of Monte Del Sol Charter School gives listeners a new perspective on body modification.  Unsatisfied with the definitions that were given to him in his research on the topic, he decided to opt for defining body modification for himself.  Take a listen to Gabe’s profound philosophy about body modification.

Sports and Competition

In this edition of Youth Media Project’s Audio Revolution!, sports and competition come under the critical scope of youth in Santa Fe.  Hosts Adriana Torres of Monte Del Sol and Miles Tokunow guide listeners through a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and multi-voiced show on sports that covers diverse topics as cultural belonging, capitalism, and the craze that is watching sports on TV.

Halloween Seeds of Sound

Do you know why you celebrate Halloween?

In this special Halloween Seeds of Sound, Gabriel Rima asks listeners to question this tradition and celebration.  He reminds us to remember why we celebrate.  Gabriel asks us to make sure that when we celebrate traditions, to do it with intention and understand the belief systems we support and uphold simply by celebrating.