Static Between Worlds

Acoma_mediumChastity Salvador is torn between two worlds when she catches herself watching television on Acoma Mesa, a spiritual place with no electricity. She discusses this double-edged sword with her friends,and explores how technology and new media will factor into Native lives: by either destroying a past or preserving a future.


l_mediumTattoos have been around for at least 5,300 years. The concept of creating something permanent that one can carry around with them has remained in almost every society. Sara makes a decision to get a tattoo when she is only sixteen. With the support of her father, she gains a sense of empowerment, self-confidence, and a beautiful work of art on her body.

Stand My Ground II

DownloadedFilered_mediumTara and red chili go way back. She began cooking this New Mexican standard dish because her husband loved it. Alongside her recipe for the best chili he ever tasted comes a recollection of sickness, heartache, and loss. In her grief, Tara loses her passion for cooking, but realizes she must stand her ground by taking back what meant the most to her.