Music and Politics – Election 2012

Photo by Neon Tommy via Flickr
Photo by Neon Tommy via Flickr
In this edition of Audio Revolution! students discuss electoral politics in Santa Fe and throughout the nation. Host Gabe Rima brings us outside the polling booths on election day, into an in-depth political discussion with a local artist and into the studio for a politically inspired spoken word poem. The show includes a diverse selection of political music both old and new including tracks from Bob Dylan, Immortal Technique, Allen Ginsberg and Rage Against the Machine. Enjoy!

2012 Politics

Ari Rappaport, a junior at the MASTERS program, wants you! to vote (if you can.) He wrote this radio commentary to get youth involved in politics. He believes that this year’s presidential election is of utmost importance to everyone living in the US.

Take a listen to these impassioned words by Ari Rappaport: