Coming Out

IMG_4358Youth Media Project presents an Audio Revolution! exploring the topic of “Coming Out”.  We will investigate just how people reconcile their internal self with their outside reality, strong people who, in the face of discrimination and opposition, decide that they have no choice but to be who they are.  Our media team will cover questions such as: Why is coming out such a difficult and courageous act?  What sorts of prejudices do even the most accepting people still harbor when it comes to LGBT individuals in their community?  How can we support and help those who are struggling with these issues?  And where does education stand on this issue today?  This Audio Revolution! show is hosted by YMP interns, Shannon Latham and Chuco Aguilar.  Check it out!

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Fashion and Beauty

In this edition of Audio Revolution!  students explore the  complex issue of beauty in today’s society. Hosts Robby Fox, a senior at the New Mexico School for the Arts, and Ryan Lawless, a student at Santa Fe Community College, guide listeners through the ever growing and changing world of beauty and Fashion. From poems of personal inspirations to manifestos against men objectifying women to an expose on what makes up make-up to an audio cascade about fashion and class, this show is jam packed with interesting perspectives about the omnipresent issue of fashion, beauty and image! Cheers!

New Mexico SBA Testing

Public education is a huge deal in New Mexico- Aaron Baca, a junior at Capital Highschool, discusses his newest problem with his schooling: a test that decides whether or not he receives a diploma or not. Having struggled through school, Aaron doesn’t believe it is fair that his academic worth should be determined by ONE TEST.


In this poignant piece, Inviolata from Tanzania shares with us her story of transnational living and how difficult it is to find “home” sometimes. She is a student at the United World College in Las Vegas, NM. Her story about growing up in multiple countries questions our notions of home, place, identity and nation. This piece was recorded at a Global Issues workshop at the UWC and aired on our Globalization show.

Summer Intensive ’11 Showcase

Audio Revolution! Dream Summer IntensiveFor the first Audio Revolution! Show of the Fall 2011 Season, the students of Youth Media Project’s (YMP) after-school Production Team created this broadcast that showcases the work done by YMP’s Summer Intensive. Teaming up with the Santa Fe Arts Institute and using the space of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s music studio and classrooms, YMP facilitated eight youth from Santa Fe and Albuquerque in learning the ins and outs of storytelling and audio production in two weeks. The culmination of these two weeks are aural narratives that were focused on the theme of dreams and showcased in this show! Hosts Ari Rappaport (also a Summer Intensive member) from the MASTERS program and Maheyo Tapp of ATC (the Academy for Technology and the Classics) guide listeners through these amazing stories. Enjoy!


Audio Revolution!, Globalization Whoa! This is a picture of blank CDs made in Mexico and packed in China was taken by a graduate student in Hong Kong and downloaded in Santa Fe, NM via the internet…

Audio Revolution! TAKES ON, or rather, shares our opinions on and experiences with Globalization. Hosts Savannah Chapman of Capital High School and Gabriel Rima of Monte Del Sol Charter School lead listeners through this intensely dense and multifaceted theme. Stories of transnationality,  English language dominance, Myspace, an audio collage about environmental classism and a panel discussion on the economics of a globalized economy are packed into this broadcast! Sit back, get a cup of tea, and hear our diverse thoughts on Globalization.