Parents and Teens

In this special Audio Revolution! broadcast, Youth Media Project teamed up with the spectacular SWAT Team at ATC. SWAT stands for the Student Wellness Action Team and is a program at Santa Fe Public Schools.  This group from ATC (The Academy of Technology and the Classics) decided they wanted to better the lives of their peers by creating a powerful, moving and honest show about parent teen relationships. The show will share new perspectives and new truths about this important relationship and leave you contemplating your own familial life. Enjoy!

What is Love?

“My piece is about what kind of love there is and what love is, what mistakes I’ve done and how love is hard. It’s me expressing my feeling about what love is and how it hurts. I also wrote a rap”

Edith Juarez, a sophomore at Santa Fe High School, created the piece that she describes above in YMP’s 4th Annual Summer Intensive at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  She dives into the multiple ways people love by beautifully interweaving interviews of people on the Railrunner as well as in Old Town Albuquerque throughout her narrative and speculations on what it means to love. Also, she raps.

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Enjoy, Believe, Dream

From The Santa Fe Indian School, Kayleen Duran created this piece about why she thinks it’s important to enjoy, believe and dream.  Her short piece is part poem, part rap, and part manifesto about how she chooses to live her life.  From the hip-hop inspired activities she does to enjoy herself, to the dreams of becoming a rapper/producer,  Kayleen’s audio-manifesto is meant to uplift and inspire her fellow native peoples.

Mi Vida

Edith Juarez of Santa Fe High School created this piece, entitled “Mi Vida” (My Life), during the 2010 Youth Media   Project Summer Intensive.  Written and performed all in Spanish, this piece shares the dreams and future life of a  girl who hasn’t had the easiest time growing up.  Edith speaks of the hardships that she has overcome in life and how she will succeed in her dreams of being an important leader in her community.