Fashion and Beauty

In this edition of Audio Revolution!  students explore the  complex issue of beauty in today’s society. Hosts Robby Fox, a senior at the New Mexico School for the Arts, and Ryan Lawless, a student at Santa Fe Community College, guide listeners through the ever growing and changing world of beauty and Fashion. From poems of personal inspirations to manifestos against men objectifying women to an expose on what makes up make-up to an audio cascade about fashion and class, this show is jam packed with interesting perspectives about the omnipresent issue of fashion, beauty and image! Cheers!

The MASTERS’ Service Learning Show

Photo By uusc4all, Flickr

This episode of Audio Revolution! highlights the core issues relevant to the students from the MASTERS program’s service learning course.  While students’ interests varied, two topics emerged as the themes for this show: Medicinal Marijuana and Environmental Justice/Sustainability. Hosts Briana Thomas of Santa Fe Community College and Arlo Barnes of the MASTERS charter school bring listeners in and out of a variety of topics: from a personal narrative and panel discussion about Medicinal Marijuana usage to poetry about the polluting of caves and much much more!

Tune in to a show full of facts and perspectives on the world all around us!

The Paranormal

Audio Revolution! dives into the world of the unknown- from ghosts and aliens to family legends… this show will surely leave you with more questions than answers. Hosts Max Kalyani of ATC and Briana Thomas of SFCC help guide you through this world of wonder and mystery! Prepare to be spooked out as well as question some ideas you might have about what constitutes as real and not… Feast your ears on this especially paranormal show!


Audio Revolution!, Globalization Whoa! This is a picture of blank CDs made in Mexico and packed in China was taken by a graduate student in Hong Kong and downloaded in Santa Fe, NM via the internet…

Audio Revolution! TAKES ON, or rather, shares our opinions on and experiences with Globalization. Hosts Savannah Chapman of Capital High School and Gabriel Rima of Monte Del Sol Charter School lead listeners through this intensely dense and multifaceted theme. Stories of transnationality,  English language dominance, Myspace, an audio collage about environmental classism and a panel discussion on the economics of a globalized economy are packed into this broadcast! Sit back, get a cup of tea, and hear our diverse thoughts on Globalization.

Who Do My Parents Really Think I Am?

“Kids are worried about what they’ll be and parents worry about their children not doing anything (or enough) with their life. This piece should give listeners an idea that life is what you make of it.  You can be whatever you wanna be just as long as you start somewhere and keep yourself educated about everything.” -Ryan Lawless

Ryan created this piece during YMP’s and SFAI’s 4th Annual Summer Intensive. Enjoy this heartfelt and inspirational story!

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