Jimmy’s Story

High school isn’t easy. Jimmy’s high school experience was especially difficult. Now a student at the United World College in Montezuma, NM, Jimmy went through years of being bullied. Jimmy’s story was part of a radio show put on by YMP and the Santa Fe High School’s Student Wellness Action Team that was created to illuminate the dangers of bullying to help reduce the terrible trend. Please lend your ears to this intensely raw story that details the horror of being bullied to put a stop to the violence.

Sports Conortary

Conor Cole of the MASTERS program at the Santa Fe Community College delivers a hilarious and thoughtful commentary on a favorite national pastime: watching sports. Conor questions watching sports in part as a video gamer-  how is watching sports productive? how can you really feel the ‘win’ when you didn’t actually do anything? This special conortary was part of our show on Sports and Competition. Enjoy!

Sports and Competition

In this edition of Youth Media Project’s Audio Revolution!, sports and competition come under the critical scope of youth in Santa Fe.  Hosts Adriana Torres of Monte Del Sol and Miles Tokunow guide listeners through a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and multi-voiced show on sports that covers diverse topics as cultural belonging, capitalism, and the craze that is watching sports on TV.