Sports Conortary

Conor Cole of the MASTERS program at the Santa Fe Community College delivers a hilarious and thoughtful commentary on a favorite national pastime: watching sports. Conor questions watching sports in part as a video gamer-  how is watching sports productive? how can you really feel the ‘win’ when you didn’t actually do anything? This special conortary was part of our show on Sports and Competition. Enjoy!

Unconventional Art

Explore the underground with Audio Revolution!. This show investigates the world of unconventional, underrepresented, and underground arts.  From Hip Hop to art happenings and video games to spoken word poetry, this Audio Revolution! will get you reconsidering what is art and why it might or might not be important. Let hosts Adrian Andre of Santa Fe Community College and Conor Cole in the Master’s program guide you through the unseen and unappreciated.